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Conference Meet Results

Conference Meets were held this last week for two conferences; the Northern and Southern.   The Central Conference was not able to hold their meet last night due to the lack of snow at the Reforestation Camp.  The Southern Conference held their meet in conjunction with the Badger State Games using the 7K Freestyle race for this purpose.   The Northern Conference held their meet in the Cables at the Birkie Start area near Cable.   The top finishers in the High School Boys and Girls races have the opportunity to earn a top seed for the first race of the State Meet.  Results can be found at the following links:



State Meet Gear is Available!!!

You can now order some State Meet apparel and have it waiting for you when you arrive at the State Meet in a few weeks.   You can download an order form and just follow the instructions and the items will be waiting for you at the merchandise area.    Below are some small images of the items.


Volunteer Registration is Open for State Meet

As you know, many ski events are run with volunteer help and the WNSL State Meet is no exception.   Anyone can volunteer to assist at the race and earn money for their favorite ski team at $8 per hour worked.  When you check-in on race day, you just need to let us know what team your support.   This is a great opportunity to involve yourself in a great event and help support your favorite team.   We also will work with you so that you still get to see your favorite skiers while they are racing.

To sign up, simply go to the  site by clicking on the button below.   You can see what jobs are available and pick your spot.   Your help is greatly appreciated by the organizers and athletes.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on