Course Description

Description of the High School and Middle School Courses
provided by Ken Schoville

High School Course

The 2021 State meet courses start  in the new Birkie Stadium.  Skiers for both days, Middle School and High School, will enter under the tunnel and proceed through to the lane or tracks headed south towards the old Kortie trail.  This is a course exit we’ve used in the past that has fed skiers either onto lap lanes or the finish and parallels the older stadium.  This trail climbs up to “The Rock” at 1kilometer.

 Skiers then take a sharp right hand turn and descend on the Birkie Classic trail, reverse of normal flow, and then left onto the Birkie Skate trail.  This continues past the 2k mark until it meets with the section of the World Cup Trail that we’ve previously skied in the opposite direction.  That hard left at that point takes you 600 meters back to “The Rock” and just past the 3k marker. 

  A right hand turn at The Rock takes you onto the Birkie Classic Trail, reverse direction from what we’ve skied past years. This continues back to the Birkie Skate Trail for a very brief section before another left hand turn feeds skiers onto The Birkie Roller at around the 4K mark.

 This trail will essentially lead us past 5 and 6 kilometers coming into the final downhill and approach to the stadium and finish, 6.75 kilometers.  Skiers will enter the stadium by going over the tunnel, a swooping right hand turn, and another gentle left hand turn to lead them on to the finish straight away as we have in the past.

 Warmups will be conducted on the Birkie Skate Trail behind the finish area and extend to where the Birkie Classic and Skate trails separate.


Middle School Course Description 

 The Middle School course and high school course are the same up to “The Rock”.  At that point MS will turn left for a short way and then a right for about 400m to the high point on the course for them.  A sharp left will take them onto the Birkie Roller, part of the high school course where they will ski for the remainder of their course entering the finish stadium as the high school course described for 3k total.