The Wisconsin Nordic Ski League (WNSL)

The Wisconsin Nordic Ski League is comprised of approximately 20 teams from across Wisconsin. Teams are formed in a variety of ways that may be school-based or club-based. In some cases, participate on school teams and are eligible for varsity letters. The State Meet is open to all high school and middle school Wisconsin skiers. In recent years, the meet has grown to about 400 skiers. (more info)

Wisconsin Nordic Development Group (WNDG)

The Wisconsin Nordic Development Group was formed as an independent group that is focused on growing the number of teams and participants that compete in Wisconsin Nordic Ski League events, including the State Meet. This year, the WNDG is hosting the State Meet and will be utilizing volunteers from the local Cable community as well as WNSL supporters from all parts of the State of Wisconsin. Proceeds from the State Meet will be utilized to promote and grow youth skiing in Wisconsin.

WNDG operates as a Special Interest Group associated with CXC Skiing which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.