Race Information

Course and Stadium Information

The courses shown are from 2019.   No changes are anticipated for 2020, but will be updated if needed.

When viewing the HS course, the trail marked in yellow is the first loop and the red trail is the second loop.   The middle school course consists of two laps.

State Meet Gear Available

State meet gear including hats and other items will be made available for presale and pick-up on race weekend.   Stay tuned for more information.

Finding Race Results

Race results will be posted on the Performance Timing website.  Direct links will be posted when they are available.   Live results will be posted as they become available as races are contested.  You will want to bookmark the page on your smartphone to access results while at the venue.


Race Venue Information


  • Concessions will be available at the race venue, provided by Lakewoods Resort. This will include hot food items
  • Telemark Lodge is closed and not available for any indoor activities.
  • Portable restroom facilities will be available.
  • Parking is more then adequate and close to the stadium.
  • If you want to lend your services, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Check the website link below for the volunteer registration website.
  • Awards on Saturday evening will be at the Drummond High School.  There will be an Ice Cream Social prior to the awards sponsored by Apple Awards.

Want To Volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer in some role at the State Meet, go to our volunteer registration website and see if there are positions you would like to work. You can sign-up directly online at the SignUp.com website.   As an added benefit to volunteering, the Wisconsin Nordic Development Group will donate money to your favorite ski team at $8 for each hour worked.   When you sign in at the venue, just tell us what team you are representing.  We also have a limited supply of hats shown below that will be given out to our volunteers until they are gone.

The site will be ready for taking volunteers later.   If you want to be notified when that happens, join our email list for State Meet updates.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com


Online Viewing and Results

Results for the State Meet will be available online at www.performancetiming.com